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1, why have our products quality assurance?
Our products have been passed by ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001 quality management system certification.

2, Have the product relevant test?
Our products are passed by the relevant national authorities’ certification and testing, USP-37, FDA, TUV certification.

3, Have the products quality control?
Quality inspection control is strict very much in our factory, each batch of products are tested by HPLC and other methods to ensure the best quality and then shipped.

4,Is there the export qualification?
Our products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and many other areas of the world. Product inspection, customs declaration, transport and other services!

5,Are you a manufacturer or a distributor?
We are a manufacturer with complete qualification, our company was established in 2011, products are global selling well . As a high-tech enterprises, strong support by government!

6,Is the nicotine purely natural or synthetic?
Our nicotine is absolutely pure natural tobacco extraction, extracted from tobacco stems.

7, Can we visit your company?
Welcome to our company at any time! Every year, many domestic and foreign customers visit our company, and the Grand Canyon of Enshi, which can be comparable to the Grand Canyon of the United States.

8,Where are your company?
Our company is located in a beautiful "Enshi" named "Central China Pharmacy" and "Tobacco Kingdom".

9, For service
"Harmony world, gold promise" are our company concept, adhere to the harmony and good promise to serve our customers, we sincerely with the vast number of business friends mutual cooperation and exchange,development and prosperity.



1, can I order by phone?
Yes, absolutely you can . We respect your time. If you do not have time to buy through our website, we will do it for you. Please call us directly to order with your account manager. You only need to transfer payment to our account, then your order will be handled immediately. (Note: Phone ordering is strict for credit card disbursement, can not be acceptable, because we want to  protect your credit card information)

2, Can I check whether there is freight in my country?
To determine if we ship to your country, you can view it on our website by placing an order. If shipping options is not available, this means we can not ship your parcel to your country.

3, Can I pay my total bills?
Absolutely! You can check all the items in your shopping cart first, and you can check them in advance, even if the calculated shipping costs are ready. If everything is fine, you can continue to pay.

4, What services can Heno provide?
HENO provides a wide range of opportunities for everyone. We welcome everyone to make money in our VIP (valuable cross-business process) plugin. With HENO, each of you is a VIP.